L'ensemble Cythera

Cythera is a European chamber choir founded by Mihály Zeke in 2019 following his years at the head of Arsys Bourgogne, whence the new ensemble’s core members are issued. Cythera is born out of the desire to form a new group of international composition and open to new forms of artistic collaboration. The ensemble’s size varies around an average of 24 singers according to each different project. The choir is dedicated to bringing the best choral music, old and new, to audiences while striving for the highest standard of technical quality and for passionate expressiveness. Cythera’s project assumes a pan-European dimension, reflecting its members’ provenance from ten different countries. The choir’s ambition is to present audiences with the greatest works of choral literature past and future in the highest artistic quality. Cythera’s singers, chosen for their unique artistic personality, are marked by high individual skill as soloists in a wide range of repertoire as well as by their capacity to blend into a homogeneous sound.

Cythera released its first CD at the French label Paraty in 2021: Homelands Vol. 1.

Homelands – A musical voyage into the heart of a rich polyphonic repertoire born out of the
union between folklore and art music during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Volume I: from Hungary to Germany.

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